Choosing the right hanger can give your closet a neater appearance.  There is a huge array of cloth hangers which are made of different types of materials such as wood, wire and plastic. The cheapest kind of hanger on the market today is wire and metal hangers. However, these types of hangers can only hold light-weight fabrics for a prolonged period of time. If you are looking for a hanger to hang your sweaters or heavier fabrics on, plastic hangers are the most affordableoption. They are cheaper than both wood and velvet hangers, which can also support the weight of heavier weight fabrics. When you are on a budget, plastic hangers may be perfect. 

Plastic hangers are among the most widely and popularly used products in the world as they can hold any item from the big, heavy weight garment like a coat to a small, lightweight accessory like socks. As these plastic hangers are inexpensive and available in a variety, they are very much in demand. It is rust free and cannot catch any mold or fungus even if wet. Plastic hanger manufacturers provide this hanger in tubular form to hold light clothing items and also in molded plastic form, which are very firm and steady to hold heavier items like coats, suits and jackets.

Plastic hangers can be found in kid’s sizes, teen sizes, and adult sizes. The thickness of the plastic can also vary, allowing you to hang thinner shirts on thinner plastic hangers and heavy winter jackets on thicker plastic hangers.As these plastic hangers are inexpensive and available in variety, they are very much in demand with plastic hanger suppliers.

It is more durable in comparison with wire hangers plus they are very light-weight. Also, they are changed to a triangular appearance just like the wire hanger. They are commonly used for shirts, blouses, dresses and tanks. For regular clothes, it is the best hanger to utilize.Wood is organic, and if it is used in humid climates it could begin to attract fungi and other nasty stuff. Plastic hangers are resistant to mold, and can hold up perfectly in any weather.

With wire (metal) hangers, you could cut your hand on the sharp pieces, especially the twisted portion of the wire near the hook. The danger is even more real for kids, who may mistake the hanger for a toy and unwind the metal wires to form weapons. Plastic hangers are as harmless as anything could be, leaving you one less thing to accidentally hurt yourself on or worry about leaving your child with.This type of hanger can hold any item from dresses to heavyweight garments such as coats without cracking, bowing underweight or distorting out of shape.

The right hanger can help to hang your clothes up so they are easily displayed and protect the clothing from damage. Many people opt to go with plastic hangers due to their affordability, variety of styles and due to the fact that they will not rust.