Hooks and hangers are probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep things wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find.Hanger is made of plastic but uses a steel hook and is styled in the same way as hangers.Lightweight and slim with uniform construction, the Plastic Hooks Manufacturer providing hanger in an affordable, classic, and versatile clothing hanger style. Its consistently smooth edge finishing, its hooks for chain-linking hangers vertically, and its sturdy construction set it apart from competing models. Hangers come in a dizzying multitude of shapes, sizes, and garment-specific designs. Our top all-purpose wooden hanger pick is strong enough to hold heavier winter coats, even suits, and it also accommodates all types of clothes, including pieces with delicate straps. The PVC nonslip coating holds pant fabric firmly, allowing for easy browsing through a closet, but it also permits pants to slide off without sticking, in contrast to rubber-coated models. The slim shape is space efficient but prone to causing slight creasing, unlike bigger and bulkier felt-bar designs.This hook type hanger style is pricey, but it uses premium materials and has an excellent finish, with a pant bar that both grips and prevents creases better than the rest. Delicate materials that are prone to wrinkling should be hung (silk, satin, lace); materials that are often starched should be hung.

Some suits and coats deserve extra care, so the plastic hook is designed for garment storage of expensive items whose shape you wouldn’t entrust to a non-contoured wooden hanger. It’s very wide shoulder yoke supports the heaviest garments without causing dimpling or creasing.

Hangers designed for skirts often consist of just a single metal rod with two adjustable metal clamps attached across each end for holding a skirt at the waistline. If the clamps are insufficiently padded with rubber, they can damage fabrics when you remove them. Hanging suits and coats carefully can extend their wear. Some men’s suit hangers are built significantly wider for optimal support across the coat shoulders, contoured with wide flares mimicking the human body to maintain shape between wears. Even an affordable off-the-rack suit can benefit from the contouring and support of a suit hanger, though you’d have to weigh the investment of a specialty hanger against that of the suit itself.

  • If you’re hanging a shirt, make sure the seams along the shoulders line up evenly with the hooks of the hanger.
  • Keep hangers evenly spaced with room between garments to prevent crowding, snagging and wrinkling.
  • Don’t insert the hanger from the top of shirts- this will stretch out the collar and distort the shape of the garment. Insert the hanger from the bottom instead.


The best hanger is designed to store and maintain garments without stretching, creasing, tearing, or changing the original shape of your clothing, which can help extend its life. Clothing hangers should be easy to hold, place, and sort while hanging, with a hook wide enough to fit securely over the closet rod.